Sunrise - Life Long Learning


Key Objective

The main objective of SUNRISE Project is to increase the motivation and skills of Vocational Training Education students and teachers in a knowledge based society by means of the transference and adaptation of innovative methodologies and approaches.

Working Methodology

In order to implement the three innovations which will contribute to accomplish the main goal, that is to say authentic learning, early gained competencies and on the job´s training, a defined methodology will be used.
This collaborative methodology consists of a continuous training for teachers and trainers approach. Both suppliers and receivers of innovations will benefit from a feedback process.
Transfer of innovations will be made through small trial projects –workshops- be carried out by the recipient partners with the support of the sending partners.
The implementation of the innovations by the recipient partners must account for local (national or regional) legal requirements, language, culture, and target sector. With a learning-by-doing approach, every workshop will involve some managers and teachers of the supplying and the recipient partners who will design, put into practice, and evaluate the adapted innovation.


Foreseen Results

The three main results are:

  • A general model and adapted specific methods of authentic learning.
  • Adapted inquiries and documents to evaluate earlier gained competences.
  • Adapted courses for on-the-job trainers ensuring pedagogical and social skills.

All this will provide a complete Tool Kit including multimedia products containing models and examples of the three key subjects, which will be used as valorisation tools.

All the products will be available in all partnership languages.

In Authentic Learning, the main result is models and examples of this new teaching and learning method. The pedagogical and didactical criteria of authentic learning will be explained; it will include a general model that can be adapted to different conditions (education systems or levels, sectors...) as well as examples of its implementation in each of the partners´ situations. The target group for this product is firstly, managers and teachers in the partner organisations as first users because they will directly adapt and implement the innovation through the workshops, and then produce the results. Secondly, managers and teachers in other organisations and sectors; teacher training centres; policy makers in VET and teacher training. In Authentic Learning the products are: a multimedia DVD (documents, presentations and film) and project-book chapter (probably the widest as this is considered the most important innovation in the project). The DVD will content documents, presentations and a film describing the examples (workshops) implemented in the partner recipient organisations.

In Early Gained Competencies the main result is a handbook and forms for recognition procedures of earlier gained competences. The target group are firstly, managers and teachers in the partner organisations and secondly, managers and teachers in other organisations and sectors; teacher training centres and policy makers. In Early Gained Competencies the products are a CD (forms, handbook, and examples) and a project-book chapter.

In the case of On the job´s training the main result is a course program and materials for on-the-job trainers' training. The target group is firstly the managers, teachers, and on-the-job trainers in the partner organisations and secondly, managers, teachers, and on-the-job trainers in other organisations and sectors; teacher trainer centres and policy makers. On the job´s training products are a CD (documents and presentations) and a book chapter.


The three innovations: Authentic Learning, Early Gained Competencies and On the Job´s Training.

Authentic Learning is a methodology based on constructivist theories which improves creativity, motivation and connects the learning and the working environment

Earlier Gained Competences is the accreditation of the background of young and adult students (non-formal education) providing individualized educational programmes and students´ motivation .

On-the-job trainers’ training are programmes focused on their pedagogical role and social abilities.