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Estación Sericícola · C/ Mayor s.n. 30150 La Alberca-Murcia
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Project Manager
Fulgencio Contreras López

Instituto Murciano de Investigación y Desarrollo Agrario y Alimentario (IMIDA) is a research centre for agriculture and food. It is an autonomous organisation linked to the Consejería de Agricultura y Agua of Región de Murcia, which has competences on VET in agriculture. The Office of Technology Transfer (OTRI) within IMIDA is the body involved, one of whose duties is the promotion of life-long-learning activities to companies and professionals in the Region, and works together with the agricultural schools (CIFEAs) updating trainers and collaborating in the planning and development of training programmes. Update and adapt knowledge to the socioeconomic changes is a major challenge for this OTRI.

IMIDA has 200 employees, offices, laboratories, and three experimental farms in the region. The technical specialties are: Crop production; Livestock production; Food technology; Landscape and garden implementation and management; Management of the natural environment; Biotechnology.

IMIDA’s OTRI has a board of 10 researchers and technicians with expertise on the use of ICT as a mean of technology transfer and life-long-learning. The main example is SIAM (Sistema de Información Agraria de Murcia), available through a link at .This powerful tool is both an information source for professionals, and a learning tool used in vocational centres and universities.

IMIDA has expertise and administrative/financial abilities to manage European projects, as well as participating in VET activities. IMIDA’s OTRI also has experience in VET European projects. From 2003 to 2005 IMIDA was a partner of the GEBP project, a Leonardo da Vinci network of 18 partners from 9 countries; in 2006 and 2007 participates in the mobility project Innovative Tendencies on the European VT (INNOVA-TE) funded by Leonardo da Vinci programme.

In SUNRISE project IMIDA is the applicant and the overall coordinator of the project as well as member of the steering group established for the project. Among the main tasks of the project, IMIDA is responsible for the quality management and valorisation activities foreseen in SUNRISE project.

IMIDA´s rol in Authentic Learning is linked to the cooperation with CIFEA to carry out a workshop involving teachers and students working in a project, providing educational and technical support.



122 Maritza bul. floor.5, room 25, 4000 Plovdiv
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Project Manager
Ivan Penov

Land-Source of Income Foundation is a NGO, registered in 2003 according to the Bulgarian Act for Legal Entities, as an organization working in public interest. The foundation is the institutional continuation of the Land Based Income Generation Project funded by the Netherlands Organization for International Development and Cooperation (NOVIB) and works in strategic partnership with CEGA Foundation (Creating Effective Grassroots Alternatives) in Sofia, Bulgaria. Land-Source of Income Foundation fosters integration of low-income groups through improvement of their livelihood, based on sustainable income generation practices.

Areas of activity: the development of practical skills for effective agricultural activities by carrying out adults’ trainings and consultations; access to land for landless Roma families who earn their living through agriculture and access to financial resources through micro-credit schemes for working capital and long term assets for agriculture.

The target group is the Roma population who are landless, and poor families and small farmers actively involved in agriculture. The main eligibility criterion is based on their economic vulnerability, past experience in agriculture, and their willingness to live through farming.

Since 1999, the team working for the Land Source of Income Foundation has been organizing regular training courses for the program participants. Most of them are adults with practical skills in agriculture but with not enough theoretical knowledge. Between 3-4 specialized courses are organized each year. Since 2002, the team started working with the high agricultural schools in the region: The Professional High School of Viticulture and Wine Production “Hristo Botev” and the Professional High School of Agriculture “Vasil Levski”. The idea is that the specialized agricultural training must be delivered by these schools, in line with the State policy. In year 2006 Land Foundation, in partnership with both schools and with the support of the local administrations developed and delivered special courses in agriculture for adults. The project was supported by the State budget.

Land-Source of Income Foundation actively takes part in the implementation of Earlier Gained Competences working in collaboration with two professional high schools, specialized in agriculture Land-Source of Income Foundation takes part in the project meetings and task related to the quality management and valorization activities.

CIFEA Torre Pacheco

Logo CIFEA Torre Pacheco

Avd. Gerardo Molina, 30500 Torre Pacheco, Murcia
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Project Manager
Plácido Varó Vicedo

Centro Integrado de Formación y Experiencias Agrarias de Torre Pacheco (CIFEA) is a Vocational Training Centre in agriculture depending on Dirección General de Modernización de Explotaciones y Capacitación Agraria of Consejería de Agricultura y Agua in Murcia, which has competencies in agricultural VET through its four VET centres present in the Region of Murcia.

Regarding VET, it is provided since 1972. At present, there are courses in Horticulture, Landscape and Natural Resources with one hundred students per year attending the courses. Programmes for Life Long Learning and Job Training are also provided in the field of agricultural specialties and around 300 adults/professionals per year attend the courses. CIFEA’s facilities include offices, classrooms, library, residence, and a 10 Ha. farm.

Experimentation in agriculture is the other main activity, CIFEA cooperates with research centres and Universities in investigation and experimental projects. Special attention is paid to continuous contact with the agricultural sector. The job market is a priority for CIFEA, as there is an important demand of young technicians and CIFEA must provide solutions to real needs.

CIFEA has a long experience in European projects in the programmes Lingua, Petra, Leonardo da Vinci, etc. European mobility is supported both for students and for staff. CIFEA has a fluent contact with EUROPEA International, the EU association of VET centres in land based specialties.

CIFEA participates in the project meetings, in Authentic Learning and On-the-job trainers’ Training as a recipient partner while cooperating in the quality management and valorization activities.

Svenska Yrkesinstitutet

Logo Svenska Yrkesinstitutet

Fabriksgatan 1 A 65200 Vaasa
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Project Manager
Carina Kekäle

Svenska Yrkesinstitutet (SYI) is an organization which provides VET in: Technology and Transport; Natural Resources and the Environment; Tourism; Catering and Home Economics; Culture; Social Services, Health and Sports. Around 1080 young and adult students take part in a wide variety of courses in continuous training and adult education. Every year, about 1000 people participate in independent courses or continuous training. Training is offered at five different locations in Ostrobothnia: Pietarsaari, Pedersöre, Uusikaarlepyy, Vaasa and Kristiinankaupunki. There is also the opportunity to combine vocational studies with upper secondary education at the Institute obtaining a matriculation examination as well as a vocational degree. 25 different degree programs are available. The average study period is three years but can be flexible depending on the background. The adult training programs are realized as blended (multi-method) studies and we are actively extending the possibilities for Internet-based distance education. Within all degree programs there is a work experience period called Learning At Work. There is cooperation with businesses in the trade and experts from various organisations.

International project involvement aims to develop a diversified, long-term activity in which all of the educational units of the Institute will have a well-established network. During 2004, the Swedish Vocational Institute participated in 47 international projects. Today, SYI has about 80 partners in projects and networks. Students’ and teacher’s mobility are encouraged and supported.

The Swedish Vocational Institute has also in recent years actively supported the development of distance and blended studies at the Institute and in the surrounding region. The most extensive of these is the DUSÖR project, which promotes distance education with cooperation across regional borders. This form of studies is by now well established at the Institute and for example during the academic year 2002-2003, 91 practical nurse students participated in at least one course at a distance.

SYI is member of the steering group and participates in the entire project meetings, is recipient partner of Authentic Learning and implements a workshop. On the other hand, SYI is supplier of innovation for On the Job´s Trainer Training and responsible for this. Also, SYI cooperates in the quality management and valorization activities.

Association of Rural Vocational Education

Logo Association of Rural Vocational Education

Nicgale street 26 Riga
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Project Manager
Andris Spaile

Association of Rural Vocational Education (ARVE) is an association bringing together 36 of the Latvian vocational schools which belong to the Ministry of Agriculture. Most of the schools are located in the countryside and provide the education in a wide spectrum, training on the fields of the land and forest based production and industries, hotel service, rural tourism and construction. The main activities of the association consist of mutual cooperation in different projects, to be in a network, internationalisation of the schools, teachers and students. A very important part of the teaching and learning are learning in the authentic environment and the learning by doing, as well as to train abroad. Connection with foreign partners is a very important factor in the implementation, development and mobility of training.

ARVE provides information and knowledge about the situation in the Eastern European countries concerning education and agriculture.

ARVE is the EUROPEA Latvian branch of EUROPEA International, the association of land-based VET centres in the EU.

ARVE participates in all project meetings and is recipient partner in Authentic Learning. ARVE representatives attend the workshops progress meetings and actively collaborate in quality management and valorisation activities.



Paardenhoeve 78 3992 PK Houten
The Netherlands
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Project Manager
Ton Stok

Wellantcollege is an educational organization compose of 28 schools, of which: 5 are Intermediate Vocational Schools; 14 are Secondary Schools; 9 are schools which offer Secondary as well Vocational Education; the 29th department is formed by Courses and Training. The number of employees is 1,600 with 14,000 pupils and students and 10,000 course-members.

Regarding innovative learning, Wellantcollege is a safe and inspiring community, in which seemingly conflicting elements are combined in a responsible manner: safety in a challenging environment, trust in a culture of knowledge, integral education and education measured to fit. The offer of schooling, education, courses and training is characterized by quality goals which are formulated in didactic terms. It’s all about the integration of living, learning and working within dynamic, pluralistic learning arrangements.

In relation to working abroad, the internationalization is gaining in importance. Working abroad is still the exception rather than the rule, but will become more common in the near future. Our education system is geared towards being able to get employment with your diploma everywhere in Europe.

Green VMBO: VMBO stands for Preparatory Secondary Vocational Education. In Green VMBO people can learn about the many aspects of the green sector: food technology, park maintenance, floristry, animal caretaking, etc. At VMBO there’s a lot of attention paid to pupil’s personnel needs.

MBO schools of Wellantcollege have eleven fields of study: Floristry and interior decoration, Animal caretaking, Commerce, Land, Water & Environment, Contract work & Mechanization, Environmental control, Horse caretaking, Recreation, Garden, Park & Landscape, Horticulture, Animal husbandry and Countryside renewal Courses & Trainings (Training Centre) for adults, Life Long Learning Training on the job, tailor made courses and in company training.

Wellantcollege is member of the steering group; supplier partner of Authentic Learning and in On-the-job trainers training while recipient partner in Earlier Gained Competences recognition. Wellantcollege is responsible for Authentic Learning and participate in project meetings and actively collaborate in quality management and valorisation activities.

People in the Sunrise Project

Fulgencio Contreras López (IMIDA)
Fulgencio Contreras López
IMIDA Office for Technology Transfer
SUNRISE Project Manager
Responsible for WPs 1, 5 & 6
Specialties: Landscape and Natural Resources
Carina Kekäle (Svenska Yrkesinstitutet)
Carina Kekäle
Ton Stok (Wellantcollege)
Ton Stok
Ivan Penov (Land Source of Income)
Ivan Penov
Andris Spaile (Association of Rural Vocational Education)
Andris Spaile
Plácido Varó (CIFEA Torre Pacheco)
Plácido Varó
Adrie de Boer (Wellantcollege)
Adrie de Boer
Barbro Nedermo (Svenska Yrkesinstitutet)
Barbro Nedermo
Maricarmen Gómez Hernández (CIFEA Torre Pacheco)
Maricarmen Gómez Hernández
Hilario Buendía Ros (CIFEA Torre Pacheco)
Hilario Buendía Ros
Ilze Talmane (Ergli Vocational Secondary School)
Ilze Talmane
Inga Zilvere (Riga Partikas Razotaju Vidusskola)
Inga Zilvere
Jorge García Gómez (IMIDA)
Jorge García Gómez
Leon Vizée (Wellantcollege)
Leon Vizée
Mar Jiménez Valero (Leading Point)
Mar Jiménez Valero
Nevena Manova (Hristo Botev Vocational School)
Nevena Manova
José García García (IMIDA)
José García García
Raquel Garlarza Ruiz (Eurovértice)
Raquel Garlarza Ruiz
Rositsa Genova (Vassil Levski Vocational School)
Rositsa Genova
Vesselka Kostova (Land Source of Income)
Vesselka Kostova