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News published on 2009-10-08

Oficial presentation of the SUNRISE results
Oficial presentation of the SUNRISE results Last October 6th 2009 it was held a big happening in Murcia (Hotel Intercontinental) in order to make the presentation of the Sunrise book and DVD (whose contents are available in the topic RESULTS). The event was opened by local authorities of the Departments Agriculture and Education. 90 people attended the morning session. After lunch, 60 teachers of the partner countries (45 Spanish) joined the 5 workshops leaded by Dutch and Finnish ...

News published on 2009-10-07

Authentic Learning at CIFEA Torre Pacheco (Murcia-Spain)
Authentic Learning at CIFEA Torre Pacheco (Murcia-Spain) Adrie de Boer and Leon Vizéé, experts from Wellantcollege (the Netherlands), show in this site an abstract of their experiences during their active participation in the project. They acted counselling the Spanish teachers at CIFEA Torre Pacheco (Spain) on the implementation of AL methods in a module of Interior Decoration. You can see the whole information following the topics: Results/Authentic Learning/Case1: ...

News published on 2009-03-23

Websites about EGC (or APL)
Websites about EGC (or APL) Accreditation of prior learning (APL) is the common name given to the process of recognising the competences an individual has gained through formal, informal or non-formal learning in various settings. This implies that professional competences acquired by learning on the job, in a home setting or in voluntary work are in principle comparable to those acquired in formal learning situations. Moreover, competences include more than knowledge, ...
NL Validation of Prior Learning
NL Validation of Prior Learning This is the 1st draft of the National Review from the Netherlands. The document starts with a general picture of learning and Validation of Prior Learning (VPL), whinch in the SUNRISE project is called Validation of Earlier Gained Competences (EGC) system(s) on a national level followed by more specific data about VPL towards the three sectors, namely: healthcare (non-profit), voluntary sector and metal (profit).
Purpose of the national ...

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