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News published on 2008-09-08

Authentic Learning at Wellantcollege
Cornelis Elisma, teacher at Wellantcollege (the Netherlands) made a presentation on the grounds of the Authentic Learning, a system which is being implemented in the 27 associated educational centres. The presentation was aimed at teachers from Spain, Finland, Latvia, Bulgaria and the Netherlands, all of them participants in SUNRISE project. This was implemented during the partners' meeting held in Vught (the Netherlands), in February 2008. Link

News published on 2008-09-06

Authentic Learning for 21st Century
Authentic Learning for 21st Century Authentic Learning for the 21st Century: An Overview . By Marilyn M. Lombardi (2007) Abstract: Learning-by-doing is generally considered the most effective way to learn. The Internet and a variety of emerging communication, visualization, and simulation technologies now make it possible to offer students authentic learning experiences ranging from experimentation to real-world problem solving. This white paper explores what constitutes authentic ...

News published on 2008-09-05

Situated Cognition and the Culture of Learning
Situated Cognition and the Culture of Learning One of the basic papers on Authentic Learning (also called situated apprenticeship and situated cognition) is Situated Cognition and the Culture of Learning, by John Seely Brown, Allan Collins and Paul Duguid (Educational Researcher; v18 n1, pp. 32-42, Jan-Feb 1989)
Abstract: Many teaching practices implicitly assume that conceptual knowledge can be abstracted from the situations in which it is learned and used. This article argues that ...

News published on 2008-09-04

Welcome to SUNRISE
Welcome to SUNRISE A Leonardo da Vinci project to transfer three innovations in education:

Authentic Learning (AL)
Accreditation of Earlier Gained Competences (EGC) for an individualised education
On the job trainers’ training (OJT) Donload the Sunrise Project Leaflet here.

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